Upcoming Events

Hello Gentlemen,

Happy New Year!!! There are several new faces in our group. I’d like to ask everyone to make an extra effort to reach out, introduce yourself and welcome new members when you meet them. Assimilating into a new group can be daunting for some so we’d love to make it a little easier for new folks. We’ve all seen new guys come by meetings, sit quietly and then never return as we’re all caught up with chatting with the friends we usually associate with. This is an area where we have been weak in the past. We can do better. A hello or chat at a meeting or perhaps making the extra effort to invite them to a potluck, event or dinner would be helpful. Learning their name and introducing them around will help them feel more comfortable and invited.

We will be sharing pictures of club events in the Prologue and/or website soon so if you take photos, we’d love for you to share with other members. We will not post your photo if you do not want it. Please let us know if you do not want a photo in the Prologue. If you have not yet filled out a photo release form, please contact the office. Over the years, many of you have chatted about and shared interesting and important stories about your lives. If you’d like to write and share a story in the Prologue, please let Harry know. It can be about an experience as gay men, as seniors, an important life event or experience, your travels, your experiences with Prime Timers… We all have a story and we’d like to hear them!!!

The Mohegan Sun bus trip is February 24th (see below for details). The Hasty Pudding show is March 1st. Tickets are on sale already. Make sure you sign up!!! There are a few upcoming potlucks. Norman and Jim’s party is on February 10th. Gary Gropman’s Mardi Gras party will be on March 24th. As always, please contact Tony and Steve to set up a potluck event at your home. Thank you to Ben Gallo and Jim Sutfin for a fantastic party this past week.

We will not have a speaker at the March Meeting. Jim Morgrage and Club Café will be preparing a delicious Boiled Dinner for us in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. This will be $25 per person and you can sign up for this on the tear sheet now. We look forward to seeing you there!