On Sunday March 6th, Harry Fullerton, Jim McCloskey and I were joined by Charlie Briggs at Club Café when we attended the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual Nunch. We were there to support the good works of the Sisters and to accept a generous grant of $1,000 for our club to replace our aging office computers. Our current computers are no longer adequate for our needs. They were donated by Harry Fullerton a number of years ago and have served us well, but their time has come.

The Sisters handed out a number of grants to local groups, supporting various segments of our community. The grants were interspersed with a cavalcade of entertainment; singers, comedians, lip-sync acts and, of course, BINGO! As always, the brunch laid out by Club Café was bountiful and delicious. It was an all-round entertaining day!

We are grateful to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their wonderful generosity. This grant money will allow us to purchase two custom built computers with substantially more storage capacity to serve our club’s needs for years to come. We depend on donations, big & small to help keep our club going. Dues and monies raised from our events only go so far. We thank the Sisters and all those who give a little extra, of their time or money; your support helps make our club and our community great!