March Brainstorming Events

The following is a list of the recommendations made by BPT members at the March meeting. Jim Buckley, who conducted the brainstorming session, assures you that he will begin to respond to the suggestions forthwith. But he wants to caution everyone that none of these activities can be activated by him alone. Each and everyone of them needs and deserves the participation of BPT members who want to see their suggestions become operational. To see your favorite suggestion come into being, e-mail Jim Buckley at and he will begin meeting with you to plan how and when it will start functioning.

Here are the activities in the order they were suggested:

More opportunities to have Social Group Gatherings, a Movie Theater Group, a Volunteer Group (a group of BPT members who volunteer to help at some charity or shelter), a Walking Tour Group, Gay Trips, a Bowling Group, Travel Talks by Members who have been to Interesting Places, a Committee that Welcomes Visiting Prime Timers from Other Chapters, Nude Parties, Karaoke Night/Day, NYC Trip, Group Tours, BBQs, Visiting Sick Group (i.e., members who are willing to visit sick BPT members), Casino Group, Interesting Talks by Members.

Problem areas (i.e., things they don’t like about the BPT activities), in the order they were suggested:

Poor speakers (those in the recent past have not measured up to the caliber of those in the prior years), dearth of Pot Lucks (i.e., they are not as plentiful as they have been in the past), 2:30 PM gathering is too long, boring lectures and there are not enough activities.