“Hospitality” my middle name!

My story begins after my partner of 25 years passed away and a few years after I began to look for ways to connect with men. I did not want to go to Bars or to stand at the corner of Comm. Ave. (known as the Block) and Arlington St. (did I really do that?)

Then I saw an ad in the Bay Windows about Gay men meeting in a safe place in Boston, so I called. The next event they were planning was their 7th Anniversary Party at the Claddagh, today known as Cleary’s. At that time, their meetings were at the Lindemann Center on Staniford St.

Soon after I started to attend the monthly meeting, they needed help with hospitality. Well, the rest is history. Up until last year I hung up my Apron over 20 years. Of course, only with the help of Jim Garrity who I met at Club 119 after a PT meeting and we have been together ever since.

We do not live together because I have too many outfits in my closets!!! I can’t imagine my life without all the P.T. friends thru these years that I cherish dearly. And I am thankful that Harry Fullerton has taken the role of President to keep or club going strong.

Remember, just don’t sit there, become involved!