Member Stories

If you have a story that you would like to tell, either about being a member or about what the Prime Timers have done for you, feel free to submit it Harry by e-mailing it to or mailing it to 3 Vale View Road, Wakefield, MA 01880. If it would be difficult for you to type this up, Harry can help you by recording your story; just give him a call at (781) 587-1429.

Below is one sent in by our former office manager, Bob Adams, who took over the office from Dick Bourbeau, as many of you may remember.

My Love Affair with the BPT

My entry into a gay lifestyle began when I moved to Boston in 2002. Until then, my life was a totally straight. Being new to Boston and new to a gay lifestyle, I needed to build a circle of gay friends and that is exactly what happened when I attended my first PT meeting in January 2003. This first meeting convinced me to join and get fully involved. Shortly thereafter I volunteered to assist in the office. Dick Bourbeau took me under his wing and patiently taught me all I needed to know to take on the management of the office which I willingly did.

By doing so, I got to know the entire active membership and greatly expanded my circle of gay friends–true and caring friends, many of whom I remain in contact with today!!!

Looking back, I am so thankful and grateful for all the Boston Prime Timers brought into my life. The monthly meetings, the monthly dinners, the after-meeting dinners, pot lucks, weekends in P-town and Ogunquit and anniversary and holiday parties. I can’t even imagine what my gay life in Boston would have been without the Boston Prime Timers. Thank you for all the joy and enjoyment you brought into my life.