What does Prime Timers signify for me? Sam Goldfarb brought me to the club during the 90’s. We were at the Living Center. Although the audio system was shabby, I was introduced to a panoply of older gay men and contemporaries.

Then, as now, I feel this is an apt antidote for the bar culture. In those early days, as now, I hardly drank and I am a non-smoker. Thus I got quickly bored. I did far better in baths. (As an aside, I got raped in the Club Baths on La Grange Street in the old Combat Zone. Consequently, I had to stop that activity.)

Within the Prime Timers, I recall going out to varied suppers–to the S & S, Captain’s Wharf, Amrhein’s and so forth. Culturally, it was indeed very rich. Since the costs went up, we stuck with Club Café. I really love continuing Sam’s legacy, the support peer group. It’s gratifying to speak candidly within an intimate group.

Twice a year, I ventured out to Provincetown for Spring Fling and Halloween, both of which are a supreme joy. I have drawn very close bonds with the Connecticut and Rhode Island chapters.

Then there’s the annual pilgrimage to go to Ogunquit at the Yellow Monkey. They have an outdoor jacuzzi which is a balm.

Thus, my participation in the Prime Timers has broadened my experiences, open-ended friendships and relationships. I feel inspired.