Reflections from a Bloodshot Eye

At the behest of Harry, our revered leader and dearest friend, as one of the longest standing members of our club, I have been called upon to report on some chronology of my history to the present time, so I will endeavor to dredge up some of the more printable remembrances.

I was not on board with the original crew, but I became a member not long after our beloved founder, Woody Baldwin, forged all of our destinies. But for him, I, along with many of our constituents, would be contemplating a solitary life from our rocking chairs. Bless you, Woody, for giving us all the friendships and memories that have enriched our lives.

Well anyway, since Harry asked, I will quickly summarize a long and lurid past which in its infancy as a gay man began with my service as a Navy veteran of World War II (not a day of which was spent on a ship or in combat) but in Washington, D.C., culminating as the personal yeoman (secretary) to the famed explorer, the then retired Admiral Richard E. Byrd. While still enrolled and adorable at 19, I became inducted into the then unspeakable precincts of That Which Has No Name but which has evolved into our present day acceptance in the social scheme.

Following my discharge, I attended college at Boston University, then found employment in a well regarded travel agency in the glamour world of travel before the jet plane reduced it to Amtrak and package tours. My last employment was office manager in the Office of Scientific Studies within the National Park Service. It was my happiest working experience as friend and colleague of that venerated and prestigious group as they strove to investigate and preserve our natural resources.

We then come to the fortuitous moment that brought me to the welcoming embrace of the BPT and the source of most of our social and sometimes romantic relationships. It was my pleasure and responsibility to serve as a board member for several years. There were good and not so good members at the helm but I am pleased to say that in my opinion we have now arrived at our best leadership with the best board ever. I have every confidence that these fine gentlemen will guide us to a stronger and more cohesive position. My hope is that we will continue to improve our status and achieve the best of our organizations potential.


G. Wright

King’s Chapel Christmas Concert

As in years past, we will again be returning to King’s Chapel for one of their annual Christmas concerts. This year the concert will take place on Tuesday, December 19th. We will meet at King’s Chapel downtown on the corner of Tremont and School Streets at 12:00 Noon on the 19th, and the half hour concert will begin at 12:15 PM. They will be performing Handel’s “The Half-Hour Messiah”. After the concert we will have lunch somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the chapel and we can decide where that will be at the time. The place doesn’t matter as much as just being together to share the Christmas spirit. Many of you have been with us before for this cherished event and we hope that some of the new members can join us this time for the joy of the concert and the pleasure of our splendid company at this once a year holiday celebration. For more information on King’s Chapel, and their concerts, see