Hasty Pudding Theatricals

HPT 169 Casino Evil poster

As has been our winter theater outing for many a year, the Boston Prime Timers will once again make the journey to Cambridge to see Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals. This year’s 169th Production is entitled: “HPT169: Casino Evil”. We have reserved 50 tickets for this year’s performance at 8 PM on Thursday, March 2nd. The performance will be held at Farkas Hall, 12 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. The location is just outside of Harvard Square (the closest T stop is Harvard Square on the Red Line). Tickets are $27 per seat and our seats will be on the right side of the center section as one enters the theater. The last day to get one’s tear sheet into the Office to secure a seat is Friday, February 10th, so PLEASE mail requests before then so as to be received NO LATER than that date. The tickets will be mailed to each attendee the following week.

About this year’s production: CASINO EVIL

Bada bing! It’s 1930 and there’s no prohibition on drama in the Nevada desert. As cannoli-crazy goodfella Al Calzone goes all-in building his nasty new casino, senile sharpshooter Grannie Oakley and her Oz-tounding granddaughter Ruby Slippers fight to keep their Western saloon town afloat and the tommy guns at bay. With the help of swanky show-cat Dan Delion, the townsfolk plot to turn Don Calzone into their furry friend’s next fancy feast-but Al and mafiosa Bella Donna have plans of their own to spa-get-ti the deed and transform the Westerners’ home into a literal ghost town. Will lady-layin’ lawman Hank Kupfs put the crooks behind bars, or will local prostitute Ophelia Thrustin have to call-girl it quits? Will cheeky bandito Dennis Jimenez grow up to be a Zorro or a zero? Will smokin’ waitress Em Fizeema cough up the mafia’s secrets and burn the mobsters, or will Mormon missionary Paul Igamy end up sleepin’ with the fishes in Salt Lake? You’ll never guess who goes bust and who hits the jackpot in HPT 169: Casino Evil!

This year’s writers are David Shayne ‘19 and Jacob Roberts ‘19. The music is composed by Fraser Weist ‘18.

Please Consider Running for the Prime Timers Board of Directors

We Need You

You can’t expect the Board to do well without YOU

This is YOUR organization

New Members, don’t think that because you haven’t been in the organization long that you can’t run for the Board, you can!! We encourage you to get involved. You are likely to meet more Prime Timers and get to know them sooner and better by joining the Board. We can use your energy and ideas!

Hi Guys,

It’s that time of year again. Elections for the Prime Timers Board are April 15th and you can see from our By-Laws below that Nominations need to be in our office by our March Meeting, March 18th. You can email them to the Office at bostonprimetimers@uses.org or to me personally at borebear@aol.com or mail them in to us at our Office, at the 566 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118 address.

As explained below in the by-laws, you can see we need a short biography for you as well prior to March 20th for the Prologue.

Ed Rapazzini
for the Nominating Committee


    ARTICLE VIII Elections:

  1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee no less than four calendar months before the date set for an election. The committee shall be comprised of no less than two current members, one of which shall be a current Board member. Nominations for candidates for the Board of Directors will be solicited at the meeting of the general membership three months prior to the general elections. Nominations (with the agreement of the person nominated) will be accepted by mail or email and must be received by the Nominating Committee by the end of the membership meeting, one month prior to the elections.
  2. All nominees including board members seeking re-election shall provide the nomination committee with a short biography to be published. Failure to provide a biography prior to the deadline of the 20th of the month preceding the election shall disqualify the candidate. The names and biographies of all nominees shall appear in the newsletter to be published in the regular issue immediately preceding the elections.
  3. Elections shall be conducted at the April meeting of the general membership. The President with concurrence of one other Board member, may declare a one month delay in the elections should it be deemed unwise to proceed with the scheduled elections due to unforeseen circumstances. Acceptable voting methods are in person or by approved absentee ballot system. Elections shall be conducted by paper ballot or approved absentee ballot. The Board shall publish the approved absentee ballot system in the newsletter to be published in the regular issue immediately preceding the elections. The candidates receiving the greater number of votes shall be declared elected.
  4. In order to maintain continuity, The President may ask a Board member to remain in office for an additional amount of time.