August 14th, 2022 Minutes

Present: Harry Fullerton, Coley Kelly, Helder Lemos, Peter Mandeau, Swift Lane, PT Consultant David Clark. Worldwide President Mark Hatten and and Vice=President Charles Koehler,  Excused Absence: Vernon Diannah PorterHarry called the meeting to order @ 11:05 am.
Open discussion
Discussion of Helping Hands.  Decision to start it up again.  Members needing assistance should show proof of need with Mass Health Card, Disability Card or some other method.  Discussion whether it should be ‘give what you can’ or to have a standard discount.  No further discussion or decisions took place on this topic.Discussion of accounting software and on how to transfer existing information to new method.  Should PT use Quicken Desktop or Quicken Online.  Accounting will be set up by Coley and David over the next 30 days. Harry will purchase two laptops for use in creating accounting, Prologue and other club-related purposes.  David is to be paid for his time monthly.  He will submit a proposal to the Board outlining the scope of his work. .Discussion of Halloween event in PTown.  Helder to write up an ‘invitation’ with details.  He will post on website, FB page, sending out a member email and by sending a physical mail to those who do not use computers.Mark discussed Worldwide topics including a video called ‘Sex and the Silver Gays.  Charles suggested edits to PT Membership Application.Coley motions to end meeting.  Agreed upon by unanimous consent.  Meeting edjourned at 12:40pm.Transcription by: Peter Mandeau, Board Member-at-Large

Motion to delete paragraph 3 under open discussion of Aug. 13th, motioned by Coley Kelly, 2nd Swift Lane, Helder Lemos, Vernon Porter, excused absences, Harry Fullerton, Peter Mandeau. Yeah 4, Nay 0.

Please add to minutes:  The next Board meeting will be held by Zoom at 5:30pm on Sept. 1 prior to weekly Monday Zoom meeting.