On Sunday March 6th, Harry Fullerton, Jim McCloskey and I were joined by Charlie Briggs at Club Café when we attended the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual Nunch. We were there to support the good works of the Sisters and to accept a generous grant of $1,000 for our club to replace our aging office computers. Our current computers are no longer adequate for our needs. They were donated by Harry Fullerton a number of years ago and have served us well, but their time has come.

The Sisters handed out a number of grants to local groups, supporting various segments of our community. The grants were interspersed with a cavalcade of entertainment; singers, comedians, lip-sync acts and, of course, BINGO! As always, the brunch laid out by Club Café was bountiful and delicious. It was an all-round entertaining day!

We are grateful to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their wonderful generosity. This grant money will allow us to purchase two custom built computers with substantially more storage capacity to serve our club’s needs for years to come. We depend on donations, big & small to help keep our club going. Dues and monies raised from our events only go so far. We thank the Sisters and all those who give a little extra, of their time or money; your support helps make our club and our community great!


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March Brainstorming Events

The following is a list of the recommendations made by BPT members at the March meeting. Jim Buckley, who conducted the brainstorming session, assures you that he will begin to respond to the suggestions forthwith. But he wants to caution everyone that none of these activities can be activated by him alone. Each and everyone of them needs and deserves the participation of BPT members who want to see their suggestions become operational. To see your favorite suggestion come into being, e-mail Jim Buckley at and he will begin meeting with you to plan how and when it will start functioning.

Here are the activities in the order they were suggested:

More opportunities to have Social Group Gatherings, a Movie Theater Group, a Volunteer Group (a group of BPT members who volunteer to help at some charity or shelter), a Walking Tour Group, Gay Trips, a Bowling Group, Travel Talks by Members who have been to Interesting Places, a Committee that Welcomes Visiting Prime Timers from Other Chapters, Nude Parties, Karaoke Night/Day, NYC Trip, Group Tours, BBQs, Visiting Sick Group (i.e., members who are willing to visit sick BPT members), Casino Group, Interesting Talks by Members.

Problem areas (i.e., things they don’t like about the BPT activities), in the order they were suggested:

Poor speakers (those in the recent past have not measured up to the caliber of those in the prior years), dearth of Pot Lucks (i.e., they are not as plentiful as they have been in the past), 2:30 PM gathering is too long, boring lectures and there are not enough activities.

2016 Harbor to the Bay Fundraiser

Jim Morgrage told us that he heard from many Prime Timers who expressed interest in helping the Harbor to the Bay Fundraiser. Here are some of the positions they need filled: A board secretary, help with board setup, some help with development (sponsors and fundraising), and seats on the committee to help with all aspects of coordination.

James M Morgrage, Club Cafe/Harbor to the Bay 2016
209 Columbus Ave, Boston MA. 02116
(617) 536-0966 Office

May Dinner

Tuesday, May 31th
Cocktails 6 PM, Dinner 7 PM

Choices: (1) Baked Halibut, (2) Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Cream Sauce, (3) 12 oz. Sirloin Steak, (4) Chicken la Mirage with Fries and Cole Slaw.

Club Café, 209 Columbus Ave, Boston. (617) 536-0966

Nearest T Stop: Back Bay Station on the Orange Line or Arlington Street Station on the Green Line. The Inbound № 9 Bus from Broadway Station (Red Line) stops across the street at Berkeley St. & Columbus Ave.

Cost: $28.00 per person includes Soup/Salad, Entree, Coffee/Tea, Dessert as well as Gratuity.

Your payment must be received by May 24th.

Hosting a Pot Luck Party

Have Space? Host a Pot Luck!

Have you always wanted to host a Pot Luck, but don’t have the room? Do you have plenty of room to host a Pot Luck, but feel it may be too much for you to tackle? Well, we’ve got a great idea. What if we could bring you together with someone who could help you? We’d like to bring potential hosts together with those that have the place but don’t feel they have the skills.

So, one or the other, contact Adam Galbraith at and let him know if you’d like to host or have the space to offer. We’d love to help you entertain.

May 14th—Prime Timers Yard Sale

hosted by Harry Fullerton & Philip Findlay

Come and sell your old junk and pick up all new junk!

Harry & Philip will once again host a yard sale at their home to help raise funds for our holiday party in December.

Saturday, May 14th, 9 AM-3 PM
3 Vale View Road, Wakefield

Call Harry to discuss donations. He is willing to pick up donations as needed. Take I-93 to 128/I-95 N. Follow Exit 38A to Main St (MA-28). Take the sharp left onto North St. which continues into Prospect St. Turn left onto Vale View Rd. By T: Commuter rail to Wakefield Center & call Harry for pick-up.

If you are interested in hosting a yard sale of your own, please contact Harry to discuss the details. We are willing to help you organize and set up, if you wish to host one.

2016 Western Regional Gathering

Las Vegas Prime Timers is holding the 2016 Prime Timers Western Regional Gathering from May 1st-5th, 2016 at the Stratosphere Tower, Hotel & Casino. Room rates for the hotel are only $40.00 per night. The hotel has opened up more rooms for us at that rate. However, the rate will go up after these rooms are booked, so take advantage of this discount and book early. You can send in your registration form at any time but the room needs to be booked to get the discounted rate.

This year’s Gathering will feature seven seminars and workshops. For fun and recreation, we will be having a private pool party with pizza and beer on the menu, a live Las Vegas show and a spectacular dinner on the 104th floor overlooking all of the Las Vegas valley. Attendees will have free admission for the entire stay to the top of tower. There will be a bar crawl. We will also have a hospitality room that will be open various hours with a full open bar and snacks.

We will be offering two tours that can be booked and paid for at the event: a trip to Hoover (Boulder) Dam and the Big Open Bus City Tour. More information will be forthcoming about the tours.
Registration is $165.00. After February 1st, it will go up to $190.00.

All information about the event is posted on the Worldwide Prime Timers website and the Las Vegas Prime Timers page.

This is the only Las Vegas Prime Timers Event in May. There are other organizations holding events at the same time, but please be aware there is only one Prime Timers Western Regional Gathering.
Any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail Gary Payne at or call (702) 629-9733. Gary Payne is the President of the Las Vegas Prime Timers and the Vice President of Chapters for the Worldwide Prime Timers.

Board Elections/Absentee Ballot Procedure

The annual election for the expired board seats will be held at our next monthly meeting on April 16th. Below you will find short biographies for the declared candidates, Harry Fullerton and David Stanford.

Absentee Ballot Procedure

Elections for the board of the Boston Prime Timers will take place at the member meeting on Saturday, April 16th 2016. Members in attendance who have not submitted a valid absentee ballot may vote at the meeting. Members in good standing who wish to vote via absentee ballot must adhere to the following procedures:

  • The office will prepare printed ballots showing the names of the official nominees plus a space for write-ins. The voting packet will consist of a printed ballot, a small envelope and a large envelope. The small envelope will fit inside the large envelope and will be serialized. The printed ballot itself will not have any mark that would enable tracing it back to the voter.
  • If you wish to vote via absentee ballot, contact the office for a voting packet.
  • Vote for no more than six (6) nominees. Ballots with more than 6 votes will be considered invalid and won’t be counted.
  • The nominating committee will present a slate of candidates via the Prologue. You may vote for any of those men or any other member.
  • If a member not on the slate of candidates receives enough votes to be elected, he must consent to the election.
  • Do not write your own name on the ballot or place any marks on it that could identify it as coming from you.
  • Enclose your ballot in the small envelope supplied as part of the voting packet. Seal the small envelope. Do not write your name on the small envelope. Any small envelopes received by the office showing a decipherable name will be set aside.
  • Enclose the small envelope in the large envelope supplied in the voting packet. Do not enclose anything else in the large envelope (it will not be opened like regular office mail; see below). Write your name on the large envelope.
  • Seal the large envelope. The words “ABSENTEE BALLOT” should appear on the large envelope; it should have been pre-printed, but if missing, write those words. This will alert the office staff to deliver it to the clerk (see below) unopened.
  • Either mail the outer envelope to the office, or hand deliver it to the office. The office address is 566 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02118. If you need to contact the office, the phone is (617) 447-2344.
    Your ballot must be received in the office by 2:00 PM on Friday 4/15/2016. Late absentee ballots will be considered invalid and won’t be tallied. Note that we mean “received”, not “postmarked”.
  • If any outer envelopes are received as opened, or if the office staff accidentally opens an outer envelope, the member will be contacted to ask that he submit another. The invalid receipt will be destroyed.
  • One person will be designated as responsible for receiving and handling the absentee ballots (the clerk). Bob Adams has agreed to fill this role.
  • The clerk will maintain a record of the members who have submitted absentee ballots, based upon the name on the outer envelope.
  • The clerk will record receipt of the outer envelope against his log of voting packets sent. He will open the outer envelope and remove the inner envelope, unopened.
  • The clerk will handle the absentee ballot inner envelopes in a secure manner, for example under lock and key, or always in his personal possession.
  • The clerk will call, email, or write each member who submitted an absentee ballot, to acknowledge receipt. If you don’t hear from the clerk in a timely manner, it is your responsibility to follow up, not the clerk’s.
  • When the votes at the member meeting are ready to be tallied, the clerk will open each absentee ballot inner envelope, and place the inner contents mixed with the ballots from the meeting. If any identifying marks are found on the inner contents at this time, the ballot will be set aside and not tallied.
  • Members arriving at the welcome desk to sign in for the member meeting will be supplied an official paper ballot, but only if they are not on the absentee ballot list supplied by the clerk.

Harry Fullerton’s Election Profile

Hello Gentlemen,

My name is Harry Fullerton. I am running for a position on the Board. I am a 58 year old self-employed General Contractor. In my 12 year membership, I have met many friends and enjoyed the trips, activities and events the club has to offer.

During this time, I have enjoyed taking an active role in the club. I have volunteered my time and skills on the Gay Pride float committee. I have organized dances and a Fourth of July cruise as well as served as club D.J. many times.

I ask to continue serving you as an elected member of the board. My goal is to use my energy, skills and knowledge to create a more lively, active and involved membership by organizing events and activities for all members.